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ASMP Legend: LIFE Photographer Lisa Larsen’s Crowd Photography

By March 8, 2017March 9th, 2017Member Spotlight
A large crowd gathers to welcome Yugoslav leader Tito during his visit to Russia, 1956.
                                                                         Lisa Larsen—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
[by Liz Ronk] Cross-posted from TIME
Editor’s note: In celebrating ASMP Legends and Leaders during Women’s History month, this timeless 05.02.2013 article entitled “Lisa Larsen’s Curiously Intimate Crowd Photos“, written by Liz Ronk captures the very special talent of Lisa Larsen, one of ASMP’s founding members.

Lately, crowds are everywhere. Or rather, crowdsourcing is everywhere — a notion and a process that’s increasingly heralded as a way to address societal ills and cultural threats ranging from traffic jams to terrorism. James Surowiecki’s 2005 bestseller, The Wisdom of Crowds, brought the discussion of crowds and their behavior into the mainstream in an utterly new and (for the uninitiated) approachable way, while “democratic journalism” sites like Reddit and Newsvine employ crowds, i.e., site users, to cull and distribute what the crowd deems relevant information to millions of people around the Web and around the world, instantaneously.

Despite the star power now enjoyed by the many, though, the idea of what a crowd looks like remains both fluid, and contradictory. Is a crowd a mob? An audience? A rally? A “sample population”? All of those things? None of those things? And more critically, when does a crowd cease to be a collection of individuals, and morph into something more (or something less)?

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