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Andrea B. Swenson Captures the World of Communal Bakers in Morocco

By February 5, 2020Member Spotlight

Image: Andrea B. Swenson

New York-based ASMP member, Andrea B. Swenson, traveled to Morocco for Whetstone to capture the world of communal bakers in Moroccan neighborhoods. Her images and her featured article ” The Communal Ovens of Morocco” appear in Whetstone Magazine Volume 5 published on December 15, 2019.

Image: Andrea Swenson

“About the time I became aware of Whetstone – an indie food magazine – I knew I was going to Morocco later in that year.  I contacted Whetstone and they liked my work and asked for proposals.  The one they chose was my favorite topic of the communal bakers in Morocco. While I was there, I visited a number of bakers and found out how essential these communal ovens are to the neighborhoods.”

Andrea B. Swenson is a travel and food photographer with an interesting twist: her two decades-plus as an accomplished food stylist in New York City, featured on ABC Good Morning America and highlighted in Life Magazine, and as a cookbook author, have brought her full circle.

Andrea now brings the skills, artistry and knowledge she honed in the food photography field back around to the shooting side of the camera, where in fact, she first began.  Able to complement her photography with travel and food essays, her fine eye for detail and a great sense of place, she visually narrates the world and its cuisine, eliciting a virtual sense of being there.

See more of Andrea B. Swenson’s work at Follow her on Instagram @andreabswenson

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