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A Photographic Tribute To The Life & Times Of Kobe Bryant

By January 28, 2020Member Spotlight

Image © Walter Iooss, Jr.

Editor’s Note: Notable sports photographer Walter Iooss, Jr. is an ASMP Professional Member.

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[by Garry Lu]

In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s untimely passing which occurred just yesterday, tributes have been pouring in from all corners of the world – and not just from fellow athletes.

The legendary basketball player left quite an impact, from his NBA career stats, redefining what it means to be a pro athlete, to the almost-ritualistic proclamation of his very name right before anyone throws something in the office bin from a distance.

One of the more poignant testaments to his legacy, however, comes from photographer Walter Iooss Jr., who put together a gallery of his 24 favourite photos featuring No. 24 in a 2015 Players’ Tribune article. Naturally, the entire piece now holds more gravitas given the recent events.

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