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The Art of the Personal Project: Ian Spanier

Photo of Cortni Joyner

Cortni Joyner for MOTO Personal Project. | © Ian Spanier

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[by Suzanne Sease]

Today’s featured artist:  Ian Spanier


Personal projects have always been an important part of my career as a photographer. I’ve been lucky enough to have found some success from previous projects where they have been published in coffee table books, magazine articles and presented in print in various venues. The importance of personal work for me lies in the fact that unlike my commercial work the vision is completely my own. It’s also been a place for me to challenge myself. I love to have many options for lighting in my “bag of tricks,” and often it’s personal work that allows me the freedom to try new ideas out.

I’ve always been fascinated by motorcycles, although I’ve actually never rode one…yet. Sure, I’ve been on scooters and mopeds, but never have I experienced the thrill of the open road on one of these two-wheeled beasts. Personally, I tend to be drawn to the classic street bikes from Triumph, Indian and Honda, as well as many custom bikes. Being on the road a lot here in California I see bikes everywhere and thought it might be interesting to make photographs of the riders. I have been shooting the bikes as well, but it’s the riders that take center stage.

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Editor’s Note: Ian Spanier is an ASMP Associate Member in the Los Angeles Chapter.

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