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PPD Readers Pandemic Projects: Leah Nash and Christopher Onstott’s “Shelter in Place”

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[by David Schonauer]

“Connection. As photographers, we crave it.”

So note Leah Nash and Christopher Onstott, a professional editorial and commercial photograph team based in Portland, Oregon. The pair’s company, called NashCO, specializes in lifestyle, portrait, editorial, education and travel imagery. But how do we connect — and photograph connection — during a time of quarantine? Nash and Onstott recently got in touch with Pro Photo Daily to share their pandemic series “Shelter in Place.”

“We started with self-portraits as a way to be creative and wrestle with our anxiety. As photographers, that is how we naturally respond to things. We photograph them,” noted the duo. Below they explain how they came to make the work.

Editor’s Note: Leah Nash is an ASMP Professional Member from the Oregon Chapter and also serves on the ASMP National Board of Directors.

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