Renew Today! $30 Discount Through November 30

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Member Benefits, Strictly Business Blog

To All ASMP Members:

In October we launched a slate of major new Members Only benefits, which — if you haven’t had the chance to see or use them yourself yet — you can view detail more fully below. This truly is a new ASMP, with even more to come, and we ask for your continued Membership as we transform this organization to deliver you ever-increasing Member value you can’t find anywhere else.

For those members who have not yet renewed for 2022, you can get $30 off the regular renewal price if:
  • You are a current professional, associate, emerging associate, or individual affiliate Member;
  • You were a Member on December 31, 2020; and,
  • You renew by November 30th, entering the special code 30OFF22, and paying your 2022 Annual Membership in full. View instructions for redeeming your discount.

This discount also applies to those in other Membership categories who meet all the other requirements above and choose to upgrade to professional, associate, emerging associate, or individual affiliate Membership for 2022.


As most of you already know, we have transitioned to a new and better, with an entirely new, much faster and more efficient technological backbone, that’s full of new features like The ASMP Academy. So in order to take advantage of this ASMP Renewal Discount, we ask that you Change (which can be simply re-entering) Your Payment Method first on our new system; you may also need to change your password depending on how long it’s been since you updated it. This process will only take a few minutes.

Go to this link: and once there & logged-in click on the VIEW or VIEW BILLING button to update your billing information and Renew Today!

Then enjoy all these new benefits:

The ASMP Academy

The ASMP Academy is a unique resource for photographers and visual content creators of all stripes, available only to ASMP Members. At the Academy you will find original courses, curriculums, and videos covering almost every aspect of forming, operating, growing, innovating, and protecting your photography or visual content creation business. At the Academy you will also find a full set of business & contract document templates and forms for your use, all of them recently updated by ASMP’s legal team. In addition, there are a host of shows and resources, like ASMP’s Week In Review, Focus on the Law, and Ask A Pro. Each week we will be adding 2 to 5 hours of fresh content to the Academy.

ASMP Clinic Hours

Each Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern, ASMP will now have Clinic Hours where you can set an appointment for a one-on-one 15-minute video conference with our General Counsel and Head of National Content & Education Thomas Maddrey or another member of ASMP’s legal team. They can discuss with you what’s going on in your business and how ASMP’s many new resources can help you solve whatever issues you face and help you take advantage of business opportunities.

The New “Find A Creative” / “Find A Photographer”

You will see the Find A Photographer platform (and Find An Assistant) under the new umbrella Find A Creative tab. This is designed to allow and brand the expansion of this service to new visual content creation areas in the months ahead. You will also find the new platform much easier to navigate and update. And ASMP is making a significant new ongoing investment to pro-actively and strategically promote Find A Photographer directly to the clients and the people who do the hiring so that the service becomes the industry’s go-to hub for connecting photographers with work.

Member Services

In addition to our Member service phone line, we now have online interactive chat capabilities so you have multiple ways to reach us for assistance.

A New

All of this and more takes place in the context of a new website that you will find much easier to navigate, powered by a new database system. On the new site you will find it much easier to access the benefits, including all the new benefits, of your ASMP Membership. Please note that the ASMP Store will go on hiatus during the coming weeks as we transfer our physical stock from our old fulfillment center. When the Store returns, you will among other things find an improved, redesigned Media Photo ID badge available.

More to Come

This is just the beginning of the new ASMP. In the months ahead we will roll out an ongoing series of new benefits, programs, and features.

And again, if you renew by November 30th and enter code 30OFF22 you’ll get $30 off the regular price for your paid-in-full 2022 Membership — just click here to renew today and get your discount.