Protect Your Work in 2022: Links to Event Recording and Discounts

The recording of our recent event, “Protect Your Work in 2022: What You Need to Know About Copyright Registration” brought to you by ASMP National, ASMP Los Angeles, and RightsClick, is available to everyone until till October 31

If you’re not currently an ASMP Member (and we wish you would be by clicking here to sign up), you can view this program until October 31 by following this private link:

If you are an ASMP Member, you can view the replay of this program in the ASMP Academy Powered by Sony, in the Other Videos tab (found under “Courses and Curriculums” in the nav bar). This will be available on-demand along with the hundreds of hours of other videos available to you as a member!  

For all ASMP Members and all attendees of this webinar, RighsClick is offering an exclusive discount. To get the discounted rate of $5.95 / mo., sign up at RightsClick with the invitation code MYWORKASMPMEMBER.   

Thank you for being a supporter of ASMP!