Contact / Board of Directors



The ASMP board members are working photographers and Professional Members of ASMP who volunteer their time and energies for the Society and the industry. The following provides some brief information about the current board.

Name: Logan C. Miller
Joined ASMP: 2012
Value of ASMP Membership: “The fabric of our industry relies on future photographers being able to communicate with one another and sharing their experiences. ASMP’s network of photographers allows us to be able to connect with one another and learn from each other. I joined when I was in college and it helped guide me to the right resources to have a successful photography career.
Work (specialty): Commercial, Food and drink, and Cannabis
Non-Photographic Interests: Backpacking through Mountains, cooking for loved ones, and being crafty.
Instagram: @lightproofmedia

Name: Nancy Kaye
Joined ASMP: 2018
Value of ASMP Membership: ASMP membership is a way to be part of a photo community, connecting with others to share skills, information, and resources. As a photo educator, I greatly value the opportunities it gives photographers to show work at ASMP events, gaining exposure and valuable feedback.
Work (specialty): Documentary, Street Photography, Fine Art
Non-Photographic Interests: Yoga, hiking, bicycling

Board Member
Name: Yulia Tregub Morris
Joined ASMP: 2016
Value of ASMP Membership: “Having a community and resources is important to me. ASMP offers networking and makes it easier to connect with other creatives in the industry, and support each other.”
Work (specialty): Portrait, Events, Branding Photography, and Fine Art
Non-Photographic Interests: Traveling, visiting art galleries, baking, handmade up-cycled clothes, and crafts
Instagram: @yuliatmorris

Board Member
Name: Emily Sandifer
Joined ASMP: 2009, 2020
Value of ASMP Membership: Community and education
Work (specialty): People and Places
Non-Photographic Interests: Planning trips (mostly to Scotland), the outdoors, my partner TJ and two cats, and never-ending home and studio renovations.

Board Member
Name: Mykle Parker