BRIDGE & ASMP-LA Exhibition

November 16th
1443 W Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90007, USA
Since July, students of The Bridge LA have been grinding through questions of communication, creative point of view, and career sustainability. They haven’t been alone in this journey, as pros and educators from across the industry, and from ASMP membership in particular, have been contributing to their experience, their stories and honest thoughts about these very same issues.
​Concurrently, they’ve been conceptualizing, critiquing, developing and completing this new work. They have worked with individualized Mentors, gaining fresh opportunities in the industry and valuable feedback for their projects.
​This is, for some, the first of many exhibitions and showcases of work as students become working professionals, artists and creators. For others it’s a stage to share their voice, as it stands today, and to consider this moment as we hurtle to the next. A step on the way to whatever their future may hold.
​The Bridge is a 16-week Mentorship Program for Emerging Photographers. Presented by BKC in collaboration with ASMP New York & LA, and offered to accepted students for free through grants from The ASMP Foundation and The Brooklyn Arts Council, as well as generous donations from The Freelancers Union, Sony, Signs 365 and individual donors like yourself.
​If you would like to learn more about The Bridge, or to support our program’s efforts in New York and Los Angeles, please visit