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ASMP Member Business / Legal Questions

By July 15, 2021August 13th, 2021Benefits, Legal, Strictly Business Blog

Do You Have A Business / Legal Question?

ASMP understands how tricky the business and legal landscape can be, and today we are introducing two new ways to help connect you with the information you need to know in these critical areas.

First, ASMP members can find a new Members-Only Business / Legal contact form in the Member Resources section. This form will ensure that your questions get to the desk of ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey or one of ASMP’s volunteer attorneys. While, as always, they cannot give you specific advice, they can ensure that you are up to date on the underlying legal principles that apply in so many situations.

Second, if you want a more direct interaction, each Tuesday from 11am – 1pm ET, Thomas will be holding “Business / Legal Clinic Hours” where you can set an appointment for a video conference with him for 15 minutes to discuss what’s going on in your business and how some of ASMP’s resources can be helpful.

You must be a current ASMP member to participate, and you will need to be logged in to access the member only business / legal contact form.

For more information on both these programs, click the button below.


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