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Health + Safety Guide

The ASMP Health + Safety Guide contains six chapters about topics ranging from evaluating risk to cleaning and disinfecting, along with a list of current resources to assist you in decision-making related to COVID-19 exposure and returning to work.

Business + Legal Guide

The Business + Legal Guide is a companion to ASMP’s Health + Safety Guide for COVID-19. This set of documents, forms, and videos discusses how creators should approach the business and legal issues facing them during the pandemic.  This guide is only available to ASMP members.

Government Assistance + Town Hall Videos

During the ASMP Town Hall sessions, the ASMP team gives  update on the state of the industry with respect to COVID-19, then open the floor for questions and concerns from attendees.

Legal Education

ASMP’s Legal Jump-start

Legal Jump-start: ASMP’s Business Primer for Photographers is a legal guide created for members that contains valuable insight and information about building your business and protecting your creative work; and is a compilation of core principles related to copyright, contracts, licensing agreements, and formalizing your business.

Copyright + Licensing


Content to be posted here shortly. For additional contract-related content, see ASMP’s Business + Legal Guide above.

Judicial Advocacy /Amicus Briefs

Legal News

Legal Clinic Videos On Demand

Purchase Legal Clinic #1: What Photographers Need to Know About Copyright (November 2019)

Purchase Legal Clinic #2: How to Write a License Agreement That is Effective (December 2019)

Purchase Legal Clinic #3: Rights of Privacy and Publicity for Photographers (January 2020)

Watch Legal Clinic #4 (Free): Photographers, Assistants, Employees and Contractors (February 2020)

Recognizing the uncertainty about the potential scale of this as a worldwide pandemic and the economic ripples already being felt in the world economy, ASMP is presenting this up-to-date free Legal Clinic webinar to discuss the possible business effects and concerns for all of you who are professional image makers and small business owners.