The Importance of Good Business Practices

Ten Reasons to Hire a Professional

Liability — Professionals carry liability insurance to cover any property damage during a photography shoot.


Releases — Professionals know when Model and Property Releases are required and what they should include.


Equipment — Professionals have back-ups to get the job done even if there’s an equipment failure.


Efficiency — Professionals work to ensure your client’s or your business incurs minimal disruption during the shoot.


Paperwork — Professionals document the scope and cost of each job.


Copyright — Professionals understand copyright law and how it impacts the use of the images.


Licensing — Professionals know that images must be licensed to protect you and the work created.


Customer Service — Professionals treat you and your clients with courtesy and respect.


Budget — Professionals stay on budget and inform you immediately if a request will alter the price.


Deadlines — Professionals meet deadlines.