Your Business in Focus: How to Get Out of the Way and Grow Your Business

“This series is the real deal. After the free Intro and first session, I’m impressed and look forward to applying these principles to my business.”
~Steve Dreiseszun,

Developed specifically for professional still & motion photographers and related creative professionals by EMyth Certified Business Coach and Presenter Rick Snyder, this integrated series of four 60 minute interactive online webinars uses the time-tested strategies outlined in The EMyth Revisited — the 5th best selling business book of all time — to help you grow a vibrant and successful creative business.

Watch the Free Introductory Course: Changing Your Business Perspective

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About the Speaker

RickSnyder_150Rick Snyder
EMyth Certified Business Coach and Presenter

Rick Snyder is an EMyth Certified Business Coach and Presenter. EMyth is the leader in transformational business coaching. He has been coaching since 2004, was an employee and training manager at EMyth starting in 2011, and now leads his own business coaching firm. In addition to coaching, he also mentors business coaches and travels across the US and internationally producing business leadership, management and branding workshops.

Rick has worked with photography, videography, digital media and commercial artists since 2008 and has led trainings and workshops exclusively for this industry. He has a passion for helping photographers capture and articulate their own story, as this is often their blind-spot. Rick has seen countless times that when a photographer is behind the camera, they often forget to focus on themselves, as well.

Rick has launched 3 businesses in his professional career and has had a theme of mentoring, coaching, and teaching others since 2000. He has worked in the healthcare, service, and travel industries prior to his business coaching and training experience.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology from The University of Washington, and a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. For more information, please visit his website at