Free Online Database Helps Pilots Locate Stolen Drones

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Drones, Technology

Image: Courtesy of DJI

Cross-posted from [by James Deruvo]

DroneSec’s StolenDrone website is designed to help pilots get their drones back if they lose track of them or, perhaps more importantly, if they’ve been stolen.

Drone companies like DJI have done a lot to improve drone navigation and prevent flyaway issues over the years, but all drone companies have done about as much as camera companies do in the case of theft. That is to say, very little. As spotted by DPReviewDroneSec, a cybersecurity and threat intelligence software company that develops solutions to protect friendly drones while defending against malicious ones, has deployed a solution.

“All too often we hear from drone manufacturers there’s “nothing we can do,” states SDI’s FAQ. “We’re solving this problem by creating a living database — in fact, it can be used by our software to search thieves selling stolen drones and even external hardware to detect and ground stolen drones mid-air.”

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