Interview w/ ASMP Member Amy Scott – Queer the Lens Survey

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Diversity in Photography, Member Projects

ASMP Member Amy Scott is the co-founder of Queer the Lens. So what is Queer the Lens? From the website:

Queer the Lens is a growing community of LGBTQIA+ creatives in photography and video, both on and off set.  Our mission is to empower this community by establishing an inclusive space where we can voice our needs, create connections, and share resources. We want to do right by our community, so we created a quick 5-minute survey to learn more about what kind of support we need in order to succeed. We welcome any professional LGBTQIA+ creative working in photo/video, including photographers, producers, consultants, and crew.

ASMP had a chance to sit down with Amy and discuss the challenges LGBTQ photographers face, what Queer the Lens is and how people can get involved, and why allyship and developing a safer community helps all creatives. Listen to the full interview below.

ASMP Interview with Amy Scott / Co-Founder Queer The Lens




To take part in the survey or to learn more, head to Thank you Amy!