Local Resources

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ASMP National Find an Assistant: https://www.asmp.org/find-an-assistant/

This is a search engine for finding ASMP member photo assistants locally and nationally.

Local DC Metro Photo Assistants: https://www.asmp.org/dc/2021/02/05/local-photo-assistants/

You will find both member and non member local photo assistants.

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District Camera and Imaging, Burke VA and Dupont Circle, www.districtcamera.com

Service Photo, Baltimore, MD,  www.servicephoto.com

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Enrique Castillo, Washington DC, Phase One Certified Professional & Technician Video DIT. www.enriquecastillophoto.com

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Atmosphere Rentals, Silver Spring MD, Lighting and Production Services, http://www.atmospherelighting.com

DC Camera, Fairfax VA, https://www.dc-camera.com/

District Camera and Imaging, Burke VA and Washington DC, www.districtcamera.com

DC Studio Rental @ Photogroup Inc, Silver Spring MD, www.dcstudiorental.com/equipment-rental

Pro Photo, Washington DC, http://www.prophotodc.com

Service Photo, Baltimore MD, www.servicephoto.com

Washington Source for Lighting, Hyattsville, MD,  http://thewashingtonsource.com

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Ace Photo / Dominion Camera, Ashburn VA, Falls Church VA, http://acephoto.net

District Camera and Imaging, Burke VA and Washington DC, www.districtcamera.com

Pro Photo, Washington DC, http://www.prophotodc.com

Service Photo, Baltimore, MD,  www.servicephoto.com

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Colours Imaging, Falls Church VA, http://www.coloursinc.com

Dodge Chrome, DC MD VA, https://www.dodgechrome.com

Pilot Imaging, Rockville MD, http://pilotimaging.com

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Kristen Montheiwww.kristenmonthei.com

Kristina Sherk, Washington DC, http://www.sharkpixel.com

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Propeller Backdrops / Jim Vecchione, Washington DC, http://www.propellerbackdrops.com

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StudiowerksDC, Washington DC, http://studiowerksdc.com

1250ft.² of Profoto equipped studio on Capitol Hill. Our goal is to make you feel like it’s your own studio, come and go by making a booking and letting yourself in with your own unique door code. Members of the studio by blocks of hours, all equipment, paper etc is included, no extra fees.

AT YOLK, Hyattsville, MD, https://atyolk.com

DC Studio Rental @ Photogroup Inc, Silver Spring MD, https://www.dcstudiorental.com

Union 206 Studios, Alexandria VA, http://www.union206.com/

Rock Creek Productions – Studios, Herndon VA, https://studios.rock-creek.com

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T. H. E. Artist Agency, Washington DC, Models & Stylists Management,  http://www.theartistagency.com

Sharon Duffy, Rockville MD, Stylist- fashion- On Figure, Product- table top, Soft goods, hard goods, Lay-downs, 240 355-6265 ingoodtaste14@yahoo.com

Patricia Martinez, Washington DC, Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Styling. http://www.patriciareginamartinez.com/

Harry McMann Food Styling, Baltimore MD, Food styling for print, film, video, and live television. www.food-styling.com

MakeUp and ShapeUps, Kellie Muse, Makeup Artist/Hair & Licensed Barber available for services in the Washington DC Metropolitan area and New York City. www.kelliemuse.com

Connie Tsang Hair + Makeup, Ashburn VA, Hair, makeup, wardrobe styling for commercial shoots – still & motion (HD to ultra HD). www.makeuphairdc.com