Local Photo Assistants


If you are looking for a photo assistant here are a couple of resources:

ASMP Find and Assistant Page: https://www.asmp.org/find-an-assistant/

Local DC Metro photo assistants:

Akim Evans 540-834-7703 zoophoriaphotography.com zoophoriaphotography@yahoo.com
Nick Klein 571-229-3784   nicholasdklein@gmail.com
John Canan 301-969-2400 https://www.cananphoto.com jcanan@cananphoto.com
George F Civita 443-812-8586 civita.format.com civitaimagery@gmail.com
Livia Ferguson 310-897-1764 www.livferguson.com livrferguson@gmail.com
Eleanor Lopatto 641-990-3643 eleanorlopatto.com eleanorlopatto0@gmail.com
Tavan Smith 571-239-7534   tavan.smith@gmail.com
Francesca Scott 202-706-9436 francesca-scott.squarespace.com focusfran@me.com
Amanda E Archibald 717-512-3604 www.amandaarchibaldphoto.com aearchibald@gmail.com
Christopher Dickson 571-594-7362 cdphotocollective.com chrisdckn@gmail.com
Paul Zambrana 202-904-6866   zdolaac@gmail.com
Matthew Lord 804-319-7255   lord.matt@hotmail.com
Nina Ramadan 240-308-0381 www.ninaramadan.com info@ninaramadan.com
Emre Ozdemir 443-207-3703 www.merchantsoflightproductions.com emrepa@gmail.com
Kyna Uwaeme 202-705-3844 www.kynauwaeme.com kynauwaeme@gmail.com
Robert Paul 703-462-4778 Robertpaul.pro Rob@RobertPaul.Pro
David Sinclair 443-690-8384 www.davidsinclairphoto.com david@davidsinclair.org
Manuel Pedraza 571-645-4901 manuelpedraza.com mpr@manuelpedraza.com
Sydney Walsh 5612524207 www.sydneywalshphoto.com sydneywalshphoto@gmail.com
Christopher Roeder 571-775-0837 www.csroeder.com Croeder.roeder96@gmail.com
David Finkenstaedt     david.finkenstaedt@gmail.com
Tom Sandner 716.400.1553 tomsandner.com tom@tomsandner.com
Elizabeth (Liz) Miller 614-633-8111   elizabeth.88.miller@gmail.com
Nick Moreland 240-832-6232 nickmorelandphoto.com nick@nickmorelandphoto.com

If you wish to be added to this list please email info@asmpdc.org and/or fill out this form.

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  1. Please feel free to comment on any experiences you have had. Feel free to sing the praises of an assistant you have worked with etc.