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What We Learned This Week: Wedding Photographer Becomes Famous After Being Fired Over BLM Support

Screenshot of article about Shakira Rochelle posted on Pro Photo DailyCross-posted from ProPhotoDaily
[by David Schonauer]

This week, Shakira Rochelle became famous.

It began when the Cincinnati-based wedding photographer was fired by a client over Rochelle’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Rochelle was set to photograph the unnamed client’s wedding when she received a text from the bride requesting that she be refunded her deposit for the job.

“We have done a lot of talking and we cannot bring ourselves to support anyone who is so outspoken on matters that do not concern them as well as someone that does not believe that ALL lives matter,” read the text. “We would be truly embarrassed to have you at our event and feel that you aren’t stable enough to complete the job we need from you.”

Rochelle had made her support for BLM clear in a statement she’d posted to Instagram. “Shakira Rochelle Photography stands in solidarity with the black community. The black lives matter movement has my endless support,” she wrote.

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