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What to Do When Good Clients Send Bad Referrals Your Way

By July 12, 2019 Current News

Screenshot of article posted at Freelancers UnionOne good professional relationship doesn’t necessarily lead to another. Here’s how to navigate client referrals — and spot bad ones.

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[by Suzanne Scacca]

I take a lot of pride in the services I provide. Which is why I’m always flattered when clients send referrals my way. It’s one thing to have people approach me because something I wrote online resonated with them and it’s another to have them say, “Hey, your client told me about how awesome you are and I want us to work together, too.”

For most businesses, an endless stream of referrals is the dream. You work really hard to build a good business, to offer a quality product or service, and to have great relationships with clients. You hope that someday you’ll be so darn good at what you do that clients will be the ones who take the lead on driving new business your way.

(Imagine not constantly having to forage for new clients or to sell yourself on curious prospects???)

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