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What Freelancers Need to Be Financially Stable

By February 25, 2020 Current News, Strictly Business Blog

Screenshot of article posted on Fast Company web siteCross-posted from Fast Company
[by Jes Kirkwood]

U.S. politicians recently took the first step toward nationalizing California’s AB 5 legislation. If ratified, American businesses, and the freelancers they work with, will face new restrictions that could harm, rather than help, both parties. Politicians may have their intentions in the right place, but it’s clear—at least to the freelancer community—that they haven’t done their homework.

Frustrated by being misunderstood, I decided to conduct my own research to determine what my fellow freelancers need. First, I used a popular search engine optimization tool to perform keyword research. After downloading a list of the keywords I had uncovered, I then used a crude form of content analysis to sort them into categories based on search intent. Here are the top three freelancer needs the data revealed.

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