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Travelers Beware: New Airport Scanners Erase Unprocessed Film

By October 25, 2019 Current News

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[by Kehl Bayern]

You can never be too careful as a photographer traveling these days.

From stories about Macbook batteries keeping people off of flights to damaged equipment and gear, air travel seems to be particularly hazardous for our profession and it just became even more so with the advent of these new 3D scanners at airports which, unfortunately, will completely erase any unprocessed film you might have in your luggage.

PetaPixel quotes a release from American Airlines describing the new equipment: “Because CT technology is three dimensional, this new checkpoint technology has the potential to provide better visibility and allow the operator to rotate the bag’s image 360 degrees to show the contents of carry-on items at every angle. CT provides the capability to virtually see beyond unwanted clutter and greatly enhances the ability to visually inspect the contents of carry-on bags for explosives and other prohibited items.”

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