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To Photographers: We Are Better Than That

By January 11, 2018Current News

screenshot of article posted at DIYPhotography.netCross-posted from DIYPhotography
[by Jim Colton]

It was a classic NCAA Championship game. Perennial powerhouse Alabama comes back to tie the game in regulation and then win it in overtime. The game winning play was a 2nd down, 41- yard heave-ho into the end zone that broke a lot of Georgia fan’s hearts. It was a play that will be etched in their collective memories for a long time. And one image, a screen grab of that play, will also be etched in the memories of a few people…for a totally different reason.

The screen grab above, has been circulating on the internet for a while now. It shows credentialed photographers watching the play as it happened, as opposed to shooting it. Not a good thing…if you are a professional photographer. There really is no excuse for that. It meant, that they were not prepared.

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