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This Photographer Is Addressing The Dilemma of How to Represent Protesters in an Age of Social Media and Facial Recognition Technology

By August 3, 2020Current News

Screenshot of article posted on The Washington PostCross-posted from The Washington Post’s In Sight
[by Kenneth Dickerman and Yuvraj Khanna]

After the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd this year, protests spread rapidly across the United States. And with the spread of the protests, there has been discussion about how news outlets should handle representing the protesters in an age when law enforcement and others can use photos to track people down, putting them in precarious situations.

Suggestions have ranged from blurring people’s faces to photographing protesters in a way that does not identify them. As one might expect, not everyone has been in agreement as to how to go about this. There are strong opinions on both sides. And the discussion hasn’t always been civil. But I think that one thing a lot of people agree on is that whatever approach is used should be one that always seeks to minimize harm.

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