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There Is More to Natural Light Images Than Just Natural Light

By May 4, 2019 May 7th, 2019 Current News

Screenshot of article posted at FstoppersEditor’s Note: This article was written by ASMP Connecticut Chapter Member Douglas Turney.

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[by Douglas Turney]

Want to know a secret? You know those images that look like they’re all natural light? Well, lots of the images are produced using some sort of flash or second light source. The flash isn’t used to replace the natural light, but rather to complement the natural light and fill in where that natural light just can’t pull its weight.

Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot demonstrates in this video how just a little bit of flash and a simple light modifier can turn a flat natural light image into an image that highlights the subject without losing the impression the image is all natural light. Remember, light is light, and merely adding a flash or another constant source light to the natural light doesn’t have to give away that additional lighting was used.

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