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The State of Photojournalism Today

By December 18, 2018 Current News

Screenshot of interview posted at LensCultureCross-posted from LensCulture
[An interview by Cat Lachowskyj]

As the current Assistant Managing Editor and Director of Photography at The Washington Post, MaryAnne Golon’s 30-year career doubles as an expansive roadmap of photojournalism’s evolution across contemporary news organizations. Golon first established her legacy in the medium during various photographic roles at Time Magazine, where she worked for over twenty years. A strong believer in photography’s ability to inform and enlighten, Golon is quick to clarify that she’s been told “photojournalism is dying” since she started working with the genre thirty years ago. Her take? It isn’t going anywhere. In fact, our hunger for processing the world through images has only increased—we just have to figure out how to filter through the noise.

We are thrilled that Golon is on the jury for this year’s LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards. In this interview, editor Cat Lachowskyj speaks to Golon about the evolution of the photographic medium, how photography facilitates the transmission of news stories, and what makes a strong visual story stand out.

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