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The Real Story Behind Rudy Giuliani’s Time Magazine Photoshoot

By June 12, 2018Current News

Screenshot of video on Rudy Giuliani's cover of Time magazineCross-posted from Fstoppers
[by Patrick Hall]

For many photographers, taking portraits of celebrities, athletes, and government officials seems like the pinnacle of a successful business. Sometimes, however, those jobs require an insane amount of work, risk, and safety precautions to pull off the shot. In today’s Story Time With Monte Isom, we look at how Gregory Heisler captured Time’s Man of the Year cover with NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The year was 2001 and Time had selected Mayor Giuliani as their Man of the Year recipient for his work in Manhattan during and after the horrible terrorist attacks on September 11th. The main hero shot needed to show the mayor standing above New York City with the ruins of the World Trade Center in the background. Heisler and his team, in which Isom was the main assistant, picked the top of the Rockefeller Center after scouting dozens of rooftop locations in the city.

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