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Terry O’Neill, British Photographer Who Captured Swinging ’60s London, Dies at 81

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Screenshot of Terry O'Neill obituary posted at The Washington PostCross-posted from The Washington Post
[by Harrison Smith]

The morning after Faye Dunaway won the best actress Oscar for “Network,” she woke at 6 a.m. to meet photographer Terry O’Neill at the pool of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

They had hit it off a few days earlier, at a People magazine photo shoot in March 1977, leading Mr. O’Neill to suggest his idea for a carefully staged sunrise photograph — a snapshot of Dunaway sitting alone in a pool chair, gazing at her Academy Award with a look that suggested the hollowness of success, or the years of hard work that had culminated in her first Oscar, or perhaps just the difficulty of facing a new day in Hollywood on three hours’ sleep.

“I always wanted to capture what it felt like the next day,” Mr. O’Neill later said, “not the image you’d see in the papers of the star holding up the award with all the lights and camera — but I wanted to capture the moment it all sinks in, that your asking price has just skyrocketed and you can have any role in the world. I wanted to capture the morning after.”

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