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Stop Making Excuses: Get Out and Shoot Some Photographs

By November 1, 2019Current News

Screenshot of article posted on FstoppersEditor’s Note: This article was written by ASMP Connecticut Chapter Member Douglas Turney

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So, what did you photograph in the last seven days? What, you didn’t shoot anything in the previous week? Nothing? Too many times, I hear: “there is nothing interesting to photograph” or “I’ve already photographed everything around me.” Well, to me, that means you just aren’t trying hard enough.

Years ago, when I started to get the drive to improve my photography, and I wasn’t shooting professionally yet, I too would fall into the trap that there is nothing interesting in my area to shoot. My interest always has been action sports, such as motocross, surfing, cycling, and downhill mountain biking, to name a few subjects. Well, I live in Connecticut, which isn’t known as the hotbed of these types of subjects. You want quaint New England towns with white churches and town squares? Well, this is the place for you, as we are swimming in those subjects, but that wasn’t the photography I wanted to shoot. Yes, there is motocross, cycling, and even surfing near where I live, or so I found out. But the athletes aren’t the high-level athletes I wanted to shoot, and the surfing didn’t look like the surf photos I’ve seen from California. So, I kept using the excuse, yes, excuse, that it just wasn’t worth spending my time shooting amateurs at non-interesting locations. So, my skills never got better.

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