Stop Going It Alone: Why I Stopped Being a Photographer Hermit

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Chapter Highlights, Current News, Member Spotlight

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Image: Douglas Turney

Editor’s Note: This article was written by ASMP Connecticut Chapter Member Douglas Turney.

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[by Douglas Turney]

For many photographers, photography can be a solitary pursuit. Many of us run a single person business where the majority of our time is spent by ourselves. Sure there are times when we collaborate with clients, talent, and assistants, but this isn’t the same as socializing with our photography peers. I’ve been fortunate enough to find an excellent solution for my isolation and highly recommend it to all photographers.

First a little background. Years ago when I was just starting my photography business, I, like many others, read every article and watched every video I could find on the internet concerning photography. And while sites like were terrific, and still are for learning, they lacked a sense of human interaction that I was looking for. One day a video by Jay P. Morgan changed all of that for me for the better. Morgan mentioned the organization American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and how he thought it was a terrific photography organization. Of course, I was aware of numerous photography organizations, but they all seemed to be more national and not active on a local level. However, when I looked at ASMP, I immediately noticed they have many local chapters. Plus one of the chapters was located right near me in Connecticut; It’s a small state after all.

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