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Seventy-Five Scientific Research Projects You Can Contribute to Online

By July 1, 2020Current News

A blue heron caught on a trail cam. (Bement3_LFCC via eMammal under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License)


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[by Rachael Lallensack]

If you find yourself tired of streaming services, reading the news or video-chatting with friends, maybe you should consider becoming a citizen scientist. Though it’s true that many field research projects are paused, hundreds of scientists need your help sifting through wildlife camera footage and images of galaxies far, far away, or reading through diaries and field notes from the past.

Plenty of these tools are free and easy enough for children to use. You can look around for projects yourself on Smithsonian Institution’s citizen science volunteer page, National Geographic’s list of projects and’s catalog of options. Zooniverse is a platform for online-exclusive projects, and Scistarter allows you to restrict your search with parameters, including projects you can do “on a walk,” “at night” or “on a lunch break.”

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