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Scam Alert: Fake Departures Magazine Shoot

By January 10, 2019January 16th, 2019Current News, Strictly Business Blog




Editor’s note: We have had several notifications from members that this particular scam as well as similar scams are making their way into their inboxes. We would encourage all members to report scams to the FBI at and post scam alerts in the ASMP Forums at – General Discussion forum so that other members can be made aware of ongoing scams, and hopefully avoid being scammed in the solicitation by fake clients in their search for legitimate assignments.

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A new scam has been making the rounds with photographers. I’ve pasted the full text below so it will show up in searches. It follows scams in the past where they overpay then ask you to deposit the check then send part of the payment to other people or even return part as an accidental overpayment. It sounds like the scammer in this instance is posing as a producer and meeting up with photographers to collect the deposit for talent. The checks take a while to get rejected by your bank and so it’s too late by the time you’ve paid the producer or talent out of your own pocket. Be careful out there.

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