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Quick Tip: How (and Why) to Push Clients for a Bigger Budget

By September 10, 2018Current News

Image: James Farrell

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[by David Walker]

Clients are notorious for tight budgets and high expectations for photo shoots, or as art producer Karen Meenaghan says, “It’s beer budgets and champagne tastes.” In our story “7 Tips for Getting Clients to Pay What You Are Worth,” photographer James Farrell explains that he always asks clients who call to hire him what their budget is. “The answer tells me whether they’re working with real money, or with $1,000,” thereby giving Farrell vital information he needs to plan the shoot.

But Farrell goes on to say: “I always push to see what [money] they have.” One client, for instance, offered him a flat fee for a shoot, but it was clear to Farrell they expected higher production values than the budget allowed for. “I said, ‘Do you have money for lights?’” He told the client he needed an additional $500 to rent the lights required for the job. “They came back with $400.” It was $400 more than they originally said they could pay.

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