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If The Pursuit of Photography Feels Like ‘Work’ Then It Shouldn’t Be Your Career

By July 13, 2017Current News

screenshot of photography career article at FstoppersAre you passionate about your career as a photographer? If not, Ryan Cooper says it’s probably time to re-evaluate.

I’m probably going to get a smidgen of heat for this one but I also feel it is one that many photographers need to seriously reflect on. At its core, photography is not a good business model. For the vast majority of photographers, the pursuit of photography of a career is a calling driven by passion. We can’t imagine spending our lives doing anything else so we chase an industry that is vastly oversaturated with supply. If that is you, great, but if working on your photo career feels more like clocking into an exhausting day job then you are only settings yourself up to destroy your hobby by trying to transform it into a career.

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