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Podcast: Emily Ratajkowski Wants to Reclaim Her Image. What Does That Mean for Photographers?

By September 23, 2020Current News

Screenshot of article posted on PhotoShelter BlogCross-posted from PhotoShelter Blog
[by Allen Murabayashi]

Last week, New York Magazine’s The Cut published a lengthy essay written by model Emily Ratajkowski on her experiences working as a model, actor, and influencer entrepreneur. She gives numerous examples where she felt unable to control her own image from being sued by paparazzo Robert O’Neil, having two Instagram posts appropriated by Richard Prince, and allegations of sexual assault by photographer Jonathan Leder who later sold photos taken during the night of the shoot as “art” without her consent.

In this episode of Vision Slightly Blurred, Sarah and Allen try to unpack all the legal scenarios and talk about ethics within the modeling and photo industry.

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