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The Photobucket Debacle Shows Us the Danger of Relying on Free Services

By July 6, 2017 Current News

Screenshot of Photobycket article posted at FstoppersAre there things for your photography business that depend on free services like Google Drive or Dropbox? If so, Houston-based photographer Andrew Richardson says you should pay attention to what’s going on with Photobucket this week.

So you might have heard the rumblings this week that Photobucket is holding users’ photos ransom after a recent change in their Terms of Service. The long and short of it is that free accounts can no longer embed their images on third party sites. Photobucket’s failure to inform users with anything besides the quick blog post linked above has caused an uproar amongst their millions of users; many of whom have relied on the image hosting service for years to provide storage for anything from photos for blog posts to online sale listings on Amazon and eBay.

So yeah, this sucks for people who rely on Photobucket for hosting all of their images for free. People are upset to say the least.

Read the rest at Fstoppers.

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