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Persistence Pays Off: Tips and Tricks for Applying to Awards & Portfolio Reviews

By September 5, 2019 Current News

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[by Cat Lachowskyj]

As the tides of the photography world continue to shift on a daily basis, the medium has become more and more accessible to individuals all over the world, with the photography community growing at an exponential rate. And while the technological advancements over past decades have made photography more accessible, it also feels harder than ever to make your work stand out amongst the wide range of practitioners that exist around the globe. In the same vein, opportunities to show your work to professionals and specialists feel overwhelming—there are so many awards, competitions and portfolio reviews calling for entries throughout the year associated with countless organizations. But how do you know which opportunity is best for you? And how do you ensure you’re investing your time and money properly?

In an effort to untangle this overwhelming confusion, we sat down with Artistic Director of QUAD and FORMAT International Photography Festival Louise Fedotov-Clements, who has worked with a number of emerging and established photographers on an array of projects, from exhibitions to portfolio reviews to artist talks and interactive programming.

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