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How To Organize A Photo Tour

By October 12, 2017Current News

screenshot of photo tour article by Harry Fisch posted at SLR LoungeTravel photographer Harry Fisch has some sound advice on how to make your next photo tour a success.

As a professional travel photographer I have been traveling on my own as well as organizing photographic tours for many years. Clearly the decision of how you plan your tour and what your expectations are versus the real thing (your experience) will make the difference between an unforgettable image or a tiresome one as well as uninteresting trip.

Any trip can be conceived as a very well organized itinerary or a casual unplanned journey but, if we are talking about a photographic trip, things can become quite unpredictable. You will always have the challenge of being in an unknown place but, furthermore, on a photographic trip you have to add the puzzle of capturing images that meet your expectations.

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