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On the Edge of Failure

© Joe Pugliese

Cross-posted from Adobe Create.  [By Alejandro Chavetta]  “Photographer Joe Pugliese energizes his renowned professional practice with hobbies that invite mistakes and outright failure.”

“It took me a long time to understand what I was asking and what it would feel like for the subject. Some portrait photographers earlier in their career are thinking about the final product and not necessarily having empathy for what the subject has to do to give you that, whether or not they’re uncomfortable. I’m talking about photographing non-professionals; if you’re photographing models then it’s a matter of their professionalism and their willingness to collaborate. But when you’re talking about people who don’t sit for photos, which is normally what I do, you have to think from their point of view. That’s taken me years, and it’s still an ongoing process.”

On the Edge of Failure. 

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