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New Website Can Remove Photo Backgrounds in Seconds, and Is Totally Free

By December 20, 2018 Current News

Screenshot of article posted at FstoppersCross-posted from Fstoppers
[by Jack Alexander]

It’s a busy week for advancing technologies. If AI being able to create scarily realistic portraits wasn’t enough, a new website allows users to remove the backgrounds of their images entirely free – and in seconds.

In what will undoubtedly be particularly useful for those lacking in Photoshop skills, allows you to upload an image before it automatically removes the background in approximately 5 seconds.

What’s particularly noticeable from testing it out is how the service managed to distinguish fine hairs from the background and has included them in the final image. That’s tricky to get right even for someone with relative skill, and there’s no denying it’d take significantly longer to perform manually.

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