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NASA Features Incredible Photo Showing the ISS in Front of the Sun, With Zero Sunspots

By July 30, 2019 Current News

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[by Jack Alexander]

A newly-released photograph shows the incredible scenes that occurred when the International Space Station orbited the Earth, with the image taken when the ISS was passing the Sun. The photo, courtesy of Rainee Colacurcio, was taken in broad daylight.

Colacurcio caught the ISS as it passed between Earth and the Sun. What’s also noticeable is the lack of sunspots featured (temporary spots which appear on the Sun’s outer shell due to reduced temperatures caused by magnetic fields), said to be due to the fact we’re currently in a period of low solar activity known as the Solar Minima.

The ISS is far closer to the Earth – being a distance of 250 miles (408km) away.

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