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Meeting Other Photographers

By April 20, 2017Current News

screenshot of Meeting Other Photographers article at FstoppersAfter moving to Paris, Wouter du Toit was looking to meet some fellow photographers but didn’t know where to start. The fashion and beauty editor/photographer decided to join an event hosted by the Paris Photography Meetup Group. See what happened during the Meetup day why he thought it was so amazing.

I recently moved to Paris from Cape Town, South Africa. I don’t speak French yet, but I have made some friends here due to the photographic industry mixing with the fashion and beauty industry quite a bit. I decided that I needed to get out and meet some photographers and maybe learn and share what I know while having a good time. So as any person would do, I went online and searched the Facebook groups focused on photography in Paris, but it didn’t give me anything I felt I wanted to join. What I did find, however, was insight into a photographer’s life in a big First World city, so I joined an event and had an epic day. 

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