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Manufactured Beauty and Default Photographs

By August 10, 2018Current News

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[by Cat Lachowskyj]

We tend to analyze photographs in specific contexts—often when they are hung on exhibition walls or presented in a documentary spread for a photojournalistic story. It’s easy to forget that photography plays an expansive and endless role outside of these situations, especially in passive moments on social media feeds, billboards or in shop windows.

For as long as she can remember, artist Anastasia Samoylova has been interested in how we process and internalize images. In her acclaimed work Landscape Sublime, she uses fragments of familiar photographs to construct abstract sculptures. These compositions, filled with imagery of stunning natural environments, shed light on the lineage of sublime subjects that are treated more like generic stock photos rather than original perspectives. When did these patterns in photography start, and how do we develop those photographic habits ourselves?

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