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Why You Should Make An Anti-Resolution List (And What To Put On It)

By December 29, 2017Current News

Turns out this is actually the worst time of the year to set new goals. Here’s how to reframe your grand aspirations into something more attainable.

Screenshot of anti-resolution lst posted on Fast CompanyCross-posted from Fast Company
[by Stephanie Vozza]

New Year’s resolutions can be the most daunting to-do list of all. The most popular for 2017 were “get healthy,” “get organized,” and “live life to the fullest,” according to NBC News. No wonder the majority of us fail to make changes.

Instead of declaring a grand life goal, consider reframing the change into an anti-resolution—a not-to-do list of sorts, suggests Mike Vardy, author of The Front Nine: How to Start the Year You Want Anytime You Want.

“January is one of the worst times of year to do something new,” he says. “We’ve just lived through Thanksgiving, the shopping season, and Christmas. We have less than a week to decide what big things to manifest for next year. That’s why the majority of the population doesn’t stick with new habits.”

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