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Judge Orders Seattle Times and TV Stations to Give Photos and Videos of Protests to Police

By July 27, 2020Current News

Screenshot of article posted on Pro Photo DailyCross-posted from Pro Photo Daily
[by David Schonauer]

“Should police have access to journalists’ unpublished images?

On May 30, photographers from the Seattle Times and local TV stations documented an unruly crowd that had broken off from peaceful protests against police brutality and racial injustice. The crowd smashed windows, set police cars on fire and looted businesses, notes The Washington Post. Many of the perpetrators escaped arrest. But the Seattle Police Department had an idea how to try to find them: They demanded all the images shot that day by journalists on the scene.

Last week, Superior Court Judge Nelson Lee ordered five news organizations to turn over the unpublished material, a decision that Times’s editors warned would gravely endanger reporters covering other protests, reports the Post.”

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