Infographic Guide To Being A Self-Employed Photographer

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Current News

Screenshot of article on being a self-emp-loyed photographer posted on SLR Lounge

Screenshot of article on being a self-employed photographer posted on SLR LoungeEditor’s Note: Interested in being a working photographer? This infographic can help you see the path.

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[by Kishore Sawh]

There’s a good chance that if you’re frequenting SLR Lounge that you are an aspiring, part time, or working photographer. Those belonging to the former, the ones aspiring or shooting as a side gig, can often be more romantic about photography as a vocation. The can afford to, of course, when little to nothing is on the line; when any income from their work is more a bonus or happy happenstance than it is a requirement.

Many choose to stay in that realm and that is entirely fine, and they can sit back and dream about ‘what if?’ with no real intention of realizing it.

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