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How To Market Your Work When Self-Confidence Is Low

By May 30, 2019 Current News

Cross-posted from Psychology for Photographers
[by Jenika]

You know that brief moment of hesitation at the dinner party that makes you miss the window to say “Hey, that’s what I do!” before conversation moves on?

Or closing the tab on the ‘speaker application’ page of a conference, with a “Maybe next year?”

When you do creative work, even a slight dip in self-confidence can seriously halt your business, or at least shrink your footprint.  Your work is so tied up in you, that any crisis of feeling not quite good enough can create hesitation to promote it. Even a half-dozen tiny moments a month can directly translate into fewer clients.

I have something for you to try when self-confidence teeters right when you need to promote what you do. You might even call them magic words.  Not quite as direct as “Accio, client!” but almost as potent.

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