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How the Pandemic Reset Workers’ Concept of Work-Life Balance

By September 21, 2020Current News

How the pandemic reset workers’ concept of work-life balance

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[by Kevin Collins]

Sentiments around “work-life balance” have always been divided. Some argue that the term itself implies a binary relationship (‘work” having a more negative or chore-like connotation, whereas “life” is positive), but really, is it so simple? We now live in a world built on a foundation of productivity, where it’s all too easy (and, more often than not, encouraged) for us to define our worth by the volume of work we’re able to accomplish in any given day. But, I would argue that the value we assign to our lives and, by extension, our mastery of work-life balance, should come down to how well we’re able to prioritize the aspects of our lives that we enjoy most, whether they’re professional or personal.

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