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How the Chaos of 2020 Will Shape the Next Decade, According to 8 Design Experts

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2019 marked the end of a decade. And with it came all sorts of predictions for what 2030 would look like. The future seemed so clear. But then 2020 happened, and you know how the story goes. COVID-19 struck. And the world fast-forwarded five years in five months.

Suddenly, children went to school through Chromebooks, people ditched dining rooms for drive-throughs, workers flocked to Zoom in lieu of offices, and delivery became the status quo on just about everything. Burgeoning trends became commonplace overnight. And at the very same time, protests for Black lives took to the streets worldwide.

So it’s time to regroup. We connected with experts across industries, from retail to education to social media, to ask the question . . . again. In light of what happened in 2020, what should we expect for the year 2030?

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