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How Much Camera Do You Really Need?

By November 11, 2019 Current News

Screenshot of article posted at FstoppersEditor’s Note: This article was written by ASMP Connecticut Chapter Member Douglas Turney.

Cross-posted from Fstoppers

Are you looking to buy a new camera this year? Perhaps you are hoping that the holiday season will bring you a fantastic new camera as a gift. I bet you already know which camera you would like to have next. But what is wrong with your current camera?

I’m no different than almost any other photographer; I like new gear. There, I admitted it, and I’m sure you can too. Go ahead, and I’ll wait. Now, don’t you feel better that you accepted it? New gear, especially a new camera body, gets me excited, and it even motivates me to get out and shoot more often. That’s a good thing. Yet how much of that new camera’s capabilities are you going to use?

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