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How Freelance Photographers Are Dealing with the Economic Effects of Coronavirus

By March 11, 2020Current News

Screenshot of article posted on PhotoShelter BlogCross-posted from PhotoShelter Blog
[by Allen Murabayashi]

As fears of coronavirus (COVID-19) balloon in the U.S., many freelance photographers have begun to contend with the economic impact of event cancellations and social distancing policies. Freelancers are accustomed to seasonal slowdowns or the occasional cancellation, but the uncertainty around the breadth and duration of this outbreak has resulted in anxiety, frustration, and anger.

Adweek photo editor Kacy Burdette recently asked photographers on Twitter if they had lost jobs due to coronavirus, and received responses from around the country with stories of cancellations. The engagement provides proof that the economic threat is real and affecting photographers now.

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